Hospice Foundation of Cortland County

The Hospice Foundation of Cortland County exists to provide comfort to people with life limiting illnesses, encouraging and supporting them and their families to live and experience each day fully.

In 2014, The Hospice Foundation of Cortland County and Hospicare & Palliative Care Services joined forces, and the partnership supports and promotes hospice services throughout Cortland County.

Dr. Pat Hayes has come to the end of his 6-year term as a board member for The Hospice Foundation of Cortland County. During his tenure, Pat was a member of the Buildings and Grounds committee, and also served as president for a year-long term.

“Pat has been a wonderful addition to our board with his medical background and compassion for endorsing Hospice in Cortland County,” said board president Barb Closson. “He is always willing to help out, and quick to say ‘I can take care of that’!”

The Hospice Foundation of Cortland County board is also welcoming back Gail Van Patten – a “super” volunteer who has already served two previous 6-year terms.

“Gail’s commitment to hospice is very clear,” said Barb Closson. “She is very grateful that she was able to utilize hospice services when she needed it for her family and recognizes the need for services in Cortland County.”

For more information about the Hospice Foundation of Cortland County, please visit https://www.hospicare.org/cortland-foundation/

Pictured are 2019 Hospice Foundation of Cortland County Members: Back row: Michael Kilmer, Gail Van Patten (Vice President), Bill Hopkins, Dianne Higgins (Treasurer), Kathy Boyland, Seated: Suzanne Riley, Barb Closson (President), Bev Ryan and Nancy Fuller.