Welcome to our Residence!

Although most of our patients are cared for at home, our 6-bed residence offers a place for people whose caregivers are no longer able to care for them or for those who live alone without adequate support or who no longer have a home in which to live.

The residence at the Nina K. Miller Hospicare Center sits atop South Hill in Ithaca on more than eleven acres featuring extensive gardens, a pond and panoramic views of the countryside. It was New York State’s first stand-alone hospice residence and it offers private rooms for up to six residents.

Visitors enjoy walking around the pond at our residence, especially at sunset.

Patient Comfort is the Most Significant Goal of our Residence Staff

There are no restrictions on visiting hours and family members may remain overnight if they wish. Meals are prepared on site and we strive to make each patient’s room feel like home. Residents are encouraged to bring in paintings, a favorite chair or other possessions.

Meet our Staff 

The hospice medical director is available for consultation if the patient’s physician is unable to visit. Two staff members attend to no more than six patients 24 hours a day, assuring that personal care and attention are provided. Volunteers prepare meals and provide companionship.

What is the Cost?

Residence fees are usually paid privately, although some insurance companies provide coverage. Medicaid will cover those who are eligible and for others there is a sliding-scale fee. No one will be denied care in the residence because of lack of funds.

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