Meet this year’s Women Swimmin’ Artist

We are so grateful to Q Cassetti for designing this years t-shirt and poster for our 29th Women Swimmin’!

Q. Cassetti has many years of visual art experiences with illustration being the newest add to her fun. She has been privileged to work with a range of clients in mix of roles including corporate identity and branding, logo design, packaging, packaging systems, communications graphics, employee communications, illustration, product design, photography, signage, concept visualization and implementation.

Supporting her mission to raise the level of design, branding and packaging of local food producers and farmers in the Finger Lakes Region, Q. provides branding, design, and packaging systems to help market to bigger stores and to gain a brand presence.
“Women Swimmin’ personifies all of the wonderfulness that Ithaca embodies–from the event, to the community that surrounds and supports it to benefit a truly lovely place, Hospice. Why wouldn’t we all want to be involved?”

See more of Q’s work on her website!