Spiritual Support

The kind of spiritual care Hospicare provides depends upon each person’s needs and desires– and what spirituality means to him or her. Our staff take great care to respect everyone’s unique understanding of faith, religion, or spirituality and to work with them within that framework. All of our patients are asked, when they are admitted, if they would like to receive spiritual care. They may also contact us at any point to request spiritual care.

Conversations and connections

Spiritual care often means sitting with people and talking about their life experiences, in light of their faith. It may include praying, reading sacred texts, and singing together. Sometimes the Spiritual Care Coordinator’s main role is simply to connect patients with pastoral leaders from their own faith traditions and arrange for visits.

Tackling life’s big questions

Nearness to death prompts many to reckon with some of life’s bigger questions: Is there meaning in my suffering?  Do I believe in an afterlife?  What is the value of my life? Still others are most concerned with a desire to grant or receive forgiveness before dying.  Our Spiritual Care Coordinator can accompany patients as they engage in this important end-of-life work.

Our Spiritual Care team offers support, not just to the patient, but also to family members. We are also available to help with funeral arrangements and memorial services.

If you have any questions about our spiritual care program, please call our Spiritual Care team at 607-272-0212.