Become a Patient Care Volunteer!

Thank you for considering making a commitment to help those in need in your community.  Please take a moment to reflect on the following questions and be honest with yourself about whether or not this is a good match for your skill set.

  • Are you comfortable with death and dying?
  • Are you able to listen without making suggestions or needing to control the conversation?
  • Are you flexible?
  • Do you have a sense of humor?
  • Are you open to training, supervision and committed to the organization and its mission?

If after reflection, you feel that volunteering for Hospicare is a good fit, please follow the steps listed:

Step one: Application

Complete and return a volunteer application form.

Step two: Interview

The Manager of Volunteer Services will contact you for a personal interview.  During the interview, we’ll learn more about your skills and interests and share with you our needs, to see if we can find a position that will be fulfilling for you and beneficial to the patients and families we serve.

Step three: Orientation & Training

Volunteer training is provided for all volunteers.  A 20-hour core training course is mandatory for most volunteer positions and is offered twice a year.  Additional paperwork and health requirements will be reviewed during the training. Due to COVID-19, volunteer trainings are temporarily on hold. Please sign up for our newsletter on our homepage  to hear about future trainings.

For more information

Please contact Manager of Volunteer Services Wendy Yettru at 607.272.0212.