PATH Program (Palliative Approach to Health)

Facing a serious illness? The PATH Program may be right for you.

Illness comes with many challenges: medical, emotional, spiritual and logistical. Hospicare’s Palliative Approach to Health (PATH) program can assist you to navigate these challenges, to find spiritual and emotional balance, and to take advantage of all the resources our community has available. PATH also helps your whole family find the support they need during this difficult time. With the help of PATH, you and your family can become more empowered to take charge of your health and care.

If you would like to participate in the PATH program, you can request an assessment directly or ask your doctor to refer you. Either way, a PATH Advisor—that is, a registered nurse or licensed social worker—will do an in-depth initial meeting right in your home or residence. This meeting will provide you with knowledge, tools and strategy to take charge of your own health. And you will have support for those health care decisions through regular follow-up phone calls from a PATH Advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does PATH serve?

  • Patients dealing with chronic and advanced illness who need extra levels of coaching and care. Diagnoses could include cancer, stroke, cardiac disease, Alzheimer’s or any serious chronic illness.
  • Patients receiving treatment (such as radiation, chemotherapy or dialysis) for a serious medical condition.
  • Those who are finding day-to-day life increasingly difficult to cope with because of serious illness.

What services does PATH provide?

  • A thorough review of the patient’s goals of care, emotional and overall state of mind, and well-being.
  • A caregiving assessment to ascertain whether caregiving is currently adequate. If caregiving will need to be increased in the future, PATH will help the patient and family make plans for how to achieve this.
  • A safety assessment to ensure the patient is currently safe and to help plan for future needs.
  • A review of all medications the patient is currently taking to ensure that they are properly used and understood.
  • Referrals to community agencies for further support.

How much does PATH cost?

Nothing. It’s completely free to residents of Tompkins and Cortland counties.

Can I receive other treatments while I am a PATH patient?

Absolutely. PATH patients may continue or seek out active curative treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy or dialysis.

How do I sign up?

You can phone or e-mail. Just call 607-272-0212 and ask for the PATH program.  Or e-mail the PATH program directly at